Common Questions

Create your online profile here, upload photos and pay the entrance fee. Your entry is sent upon payment of the entrance fee. You will receive an entry confirmation email upon payment of the entrance fee.(2021 Edition is free to entry)

We only accept digital data via our website. It is the fastest and most convenient way.

Yes, but please provide basic information for both of you in the profile, so we know it’s a team.

No, there are no restrictions on the date of the photo.

You can enter as many photos as you want into the contest.

Your photos are never used for any purpose other than promoting VIPA Awards (exhibition, poster, yearly flyer / catalog … etc.)

Yes, photos that have won prizes in other contests or that have been submitted to other competitions currently running are eligible.

You can create only single entry (Single, Series) 2021 VIPA Edition

Yes, you may enter the same image into as many categories as you want.

No, after making a payment, the entries cannot be edited.

All winning photos will be published on the contest website as soon as the jury selection is completed, and an email will be sent to inform the photographer who won the Photographer of the Year award for the competition as well as the photographers who received the title of Public Photographer for each category. The winners will also be announced through the contest’s social media pages.

Winners will be announced eight weeks after the application deadline expires.

VIPA Contest 2021 terms & conditions

VIPA Contest is open to all Photographers: Amateur and Professional from all over the world. Anyone over 18 years of age can enter the competition. Terms and Conditions

By entering the VIPA Prize Photography Competition, you will accept the rules and conditions specified below.

The VIPA Photography Awards contest is open to all photographers who are at least 18 years old from any country in the world.

Participants can only enter the competition via the Internet using digital files.

By registering for and entering the VIPA competition, you at this moment accept these terms and conditions. The VIPA Awards allow us to receive your registration data.


– Color and monochrome images are accepted.

– All photos must be in Jpeg (JPG) format. 72 dpi – 1100 pixels on the longest side.

– No signature, no logos, no copyright, no watermark text must appear on the photos.

– The file name must contain your full name, for example, LastName_FirstName.jpg

– Do not include any characters such as @, $, # as part of the file name.


-Any photo submitted to the contest may be used by the VIPA Photography Awards and its media partners for marketing and contest promotion purposes only.

-All awarded entries are published online at Vipacontest.com

-Photos awarded in other contests are accepted.

-Published and unpublished photos are accepted.

-There is no limit to the number of entries each artist may make.(2021 Edition you can create only single entry (Single, Series) You can enter the work into one category or any of the 36 subcategories.

– All fees on the website are in US dollars?(Edition 2021 is free to entry)

– Entries will be judged by specific judges, with photos judged based on artistic merit, originality, theme, style, and message.

All entries must be the photographer’s original work and must not violate any other party’s rights. The photographer must be the sole owner of the copyright for all the images entered.

-The winning participants must supply a high-resolution digital file (minimum 2500 pixels wide @ 300 dpi). This is required to prove ownership of the image. Failure to do so will result in the prize being withdrawn.

– Winning entrants must be able to provide a high-resolution digital file (minimum 2500 pixels wide @ 300 dpi) to be included in the VIPA Awards ANNUAL EXHIBITION and ANNUAL BOOK .

Our winners will receive : click here

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