3rd place
João Rodrigues / Portugal
Title : Tide
Entry Description

“If you had the choice, what would you rather do? Photograph what you see or photograph what you want to see? ” This statement is by photographer Gary Gough, in which he ends up referring to a thought that the infinite perceptions of each space change from person to person, as well as how each one chooses to feel the same. This project intends, in sui generis, to demonstrate a conceptual and singular vision of three landscapes modified in the eyes of any spectator, but not for the author of the creation of the images, in which he sees and feels each of the spaces through his accompanied familiarity since his childhood, which makes it essential for the author to demonstrate the respect he feels for the represented area and its magnitude. This project was developed by me in the city of Porto throughout the year 2020, which culminated with the end of my graduation in the professional photography course (IPF) and which is currently on display at Mira Galeria.

Shuchuan Liu / China

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