3rd place
Antonella Zito / Italy
Title : Delimited Rooms
Entry Description

In each of us there are measures where revive places that surround and overwhelm us. These are shapes, that change with the changing of the state of our soul, emotions and testify implacable correlations between our subjectivity and the world where we reflect and live in. An intimate space rich in multiple symbolic meanings that it’s a reflection of our psychic identity. We have different ways to establish borders, protection and contact points with the world outside and other people. Each person has a different way to live within their own walls, leaving traces of themselves and their passage. Sometimes it’s not possible of not belonging to the lived spaces that generate interior frustrations and points of non-contact. Therefore aseptic places, circumscribed and suffocating places are born in which every place can give a particular force to stimulate different feelings: the journey becomes the best way to step out of ourselves, to connect with the world and to explore spaces which are activated in the ego, to trigger our feelings, thoughts and stimuli, that push ourselves towards a deep understanding of the surroundings. With the spirit of those who seek themselves, diving into the objectivity world where you can find a space full of wonders, fantasies and endless horizons. The single inclinations guide the destination; to observe unknown things, it could be direct towards natural elements, so different in latitudes and human transformation of the landscape or to dwell simply on one’s own social spaces. Our spaces, therefore become our “psychic skin”. ‘You’ll discover the sense of the journey, when you’ll be able to come back home’

Shuchuan Liu / China

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