VIPA 2021 Winners Announced

Visions International Photo Awards

After holding international photography exhibitions, a history of artistic achievements, and cultural relations with the best photographers in the world, the founders of “VISIONS” agreed to share this unique experience and dream that any photographer would like to achieve through the announcement of this competition. 
Visions Foundation, its primary goal is to discover artistic faces that have not had the opportunity to show themselves, and the names are separated by long distances to see the light of fame, and to create this valuable opportunity, to open horizons of passion and inspiration and make the world a place full of art and creativity.


Our Prizes


The purpose of the photographer remains unfulfilled unless his accomplishments are recognized and the audience does not interact with his work, VIPA will proudly share this passion with the world, in the most prestigious exhibitions in France.


A photography exhibition is a milestone for any photographer, but preserve the work in a book along with other masterpieces immortalizes the work forever.

There are different aspects of the story. The lens has to remove a lot of falsehood from the truth and illuminate what is dark. Taking pictures is not a mechanical movement, it is a dynamic that brings life. You can take a picture of what humans can make in the environment, unique angles from scenes that nature has mastered in its creation, straight lines and bends of modern and ancient buildings, rituals, emotions, and stories of a human or animal in his environment, an athletic body that smells of strength and determination to win. It’s a great opportunity to not be a neutral, but rather a key element of the story. And moving photography to a new stage, there is a lot of gravity, as critical shots and beautiful scenes explode, a flick of the finger and correct timing will bring us closer to your world … to your unique vision

Our Sponsors


A valuable opportunity to see your Work published on VIPA ANNUAL BOOK. The BOOK will contain only 130 works from thousands of photos submitted from all over the world. VIPA photographer of the year, photographer of the year, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd photographer in each category.
All respected winners will also be included in the ANNUAL BOOK. This unique BOOK will receive international promotion and will be available for purchase and distribution worldwide.


Have you ever seen your works printed in high quality and exhibite in the most prestigious gallery ?
Realize your dream and get this precious opportunity to exhibite your photo with the works of our unique jury in the most prestigious gallery in France

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