3rd place
Maryna Masel/ Ukraine
Title : Little Culinary Stories
Entry Description

Every dish has a variety of recipes and interpretations of its making. But there is something that remains unchanged – there are its main ingredients. In my series “Little culinary stories” i tried to bring this main part at the forefront. I want to show the dish out of frameworks of one or another variation of its cooking. This is the concept of a dish in its pure, original form. This is freedom, independence from any formula or someone else’s taste preferences. In addition, each art work represents the cooking process itself. Lets imagine this process in action: all the ingredients move in space, change their appearance. The onion turns into rings, the potato tuber – into cubes, the eggplant – into flat pancakes… And it is such metamorphoses that turn ordinary vegetables into specific flavor composition, where each element is strictly assigned its place. When this composition is going to be completed, we can see the finished dish in the usual form for us. But before that, at the moment – we still observe freedom of form from context…

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