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Tales Yuan / China
Title : Urban Arteries
Entry Description

These images are from my ongoing series “Urban Arteries”. With rapid economic development in recent years, Chongqing, the largest municipality in China, has rapidly expanded its urban area, and with it has come an explosion of rail transit. In 10 years, it has increased from 19.15 km to 327.5 km. There are mountains and rivers in the city, and some areas are inaccessible. These rail transit lines extend from the city’s hinterland to the city’s far-flung suburbs to be developed. About 9 years ago, I lived in the new airport district in the north of city and my girlfriend lived in Huxi Town in the west of city. It would take me 3.5 hours to meet her. And now, that time has been reduced to about 2 hours by rail. There were still many villages, towns, farmlands and barren hills nearby where we lived back then. Nowadays, most of them have become part of the city. In the years I’ve lived in Chongqing, it has changed the city and transportation. My series, which captures scenes along rail lines, intends to explore the tremendous impact of urban development on the urban landscape, people’s lives, environment and economic development

Shuchuan Liu / China

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