3rd place
Moniruzzaman Sazal / Bangladesh


Title : Waiting for the last wave
Entry Description

Bangladesh is one of the countries most likely to suffer adverse impacts from anthropogenic climate change. Threats include sea level rise, floods, and cyclones (approximately 130,000 people were killed in the cyclone of April 1990). The impacts of climate change will only exacerbate the problems already facing the population. Climate change and exposure to natural disasters threaten to derail efforts to eradicate poverty. A great bulk of the world’s poor and most vulnerable citizens live in disaster prone countries and their number keeps increasing. As temperatures rise, the likelihood and severity of climate-related disasters increase affecting lives and livelihoods, hampering the development efforts and reversing gains made in poverty reduction. The links between climate change and sustainable development are strong. Poor and developing countries, particularly least developed countries, will be among those most adversely affected and least able to cope with the anticipated shocks to their social, economic and natural systems.

Shuchuan Liu / China

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